I'm also a Phoebe Bridgers top 0.05% listener and University of Waterloo engineering grad.


Most recently, I was a product designer at schoolhouse.world, an ed-tech start-up connecting students across 100+ countries with free, peer-to-peer tutoring. Previously, I have designed for startups in the project management and data-related problem spaces, as well as companies in the forex trading and personal finance spaces.


I like to think humans created technology because we want to connect. In a tech world that values velocity, I've adapted to design fast, but ultimately, I want to design products that say: "Hey, everything is going to be OK, I'm here for whatever you need."


I also write. In Oct 2022, I wrote about my own experiences facing rejection for UW/UX. Two months later, I surveyed three product designers and asked them to break down their portfolios. My article was published in Bootcamp. I also write about hamburgers, grief, and being alone on my personal substack, coming up lavender.


Nature was here first. I try to use my camera to capture moments of peace in a human-occupied world.