A Phoebe Bridgers' top 0.05% listener & peanut butter lover with the worst astigmatism. Probably on Wikipedia.

Most recently, I was a Product Design Intern at schoolhouse.world↗, an ed-tech startup initiated by Sal Khan connecting students across 100+ countries with free, peer-to-peer tutoring.

Previously, I've designed at startups in the project management and data-related problem spaces, as well as established companies in the forex trading and personal finance spaces.

I'm currently studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

By the way, I'm looking for full-time opportunites starting May 2023 :)

what else am i doing?
What else am I doing?

Currently, I'm trying to be vulnerable on the internet↗ and am super into crosswords of the NYT ilk (haha, see what I did there with that crossword-ese). Also, I'm spending too much time on Spotify trying to create "vibey" playlists such as this one↗.


Three product designers break down their portfolio↗

Published for UW/UX on Medium in UX Collective

Getting into UX: Facing rejection and next steps↗

Published for UW/UX on Medium

coming up lavender↗

My personal substack, where I write about hamburgers, grief, and being alone.
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